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The Munin Sports Smart Pump is a portable, compact, automatic electric pump with intelligent pressure detection and stop function. Just preset the correct ball PSI and start, and it will automatically stop inflating once the preset pressure is reached.

It has a built-in Digital Pressure Gauge and LCD Display, allowing simple and easy input of your desired ball pressure (PSI). The Smart Pump comes with a rechargeable battery that allows a minimum of 30 balls to be pumped on one charge. It also has an integrated LED flashlight, so you can use it whenever you need to.

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CHARGING | Connect the micro USB cable to charge the lithium battery. Inflate up to 30 balls on a single charge.

ACTUAL AIR PRESSURE | Live display of the air pressure (PSI). The Smart Pump will automatically stop inflating once the preset pressure is reached.

PRESET AIR PRESSURE | Select the desired preset to the correct PSI depending on the ball type. Maximum output is 18 PSI.

SETTINGS | Long press the power button to turn on. Press the pressure + / - buttons to preset the appropriate PSI pressure. Press the power button to start the inflate. Long press the preset + button to turn on the built-in LED flashlight.

AIR HOSE & LED LIGHT | Connect the air hose and needle with the ball to start. We are soccer people, but the Smart Pump is also suitable for volleyball, rugby, football and basketball.

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