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The world's best soccer rebounder


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m-station Talent


Superior rebounder providing everything needed for self-practice in the backyard The versatile 57" x 57" Talent Original edt. features 12 settings allowing you to practice any in-game situation.
m-station rebounder
m-station Club


With a strengthened construction the 57" x 57" Talent Club edt. is suited for training sessions and individual use in clubs and academies. It can be moved around the training ground with ease.
m-station academy soccer rebounder
m-station Academy


Multipurpose and durable 78" x 78" rebounder made for all year round excessive use at soccer clubs, schools and academies. With 12 settings Academy’s flexibility allows any player to use it.

Get the perfect first touch

6 benefits of using m-station

You'll develop your skills faster
It takes repetition to master the technicalities of soccer. m-station gives you one perfect pass after another, and you will find that you develop your skills faster
You always have a workout buddy
m-station is your new tireless workout buddy. No matter how many passes you make the the m-station will send the balls back to you time and time again
You get your own player profile
When you place your phone in the cradle behind the m-station net the MuninPlay app will register your training and visualize your progress
Compete against your friends
You can use the m-station for a lot of fun competitions. With the MuninPlay app you can even compete against friends from your own backyard
You'll get a superb first touch
Your first touch is the key to success, and m-station is your new first touch machine. It is designed with a single purpose: to give you a perfect ball control
You'll score more goals
m-station makes you the top goalscorer. You'll score more goals than ever before and the most difficult finishes will become part of your new repertoire
Happy Customers
Here's what they have to say

Just got this m-station Talent. Great for working on touch & passing the ball! Kids love it!

Rio Ferdinand
Former Manchester United defender
The m-station is a fantastic tool to help players develop and refine their technical abilities. The ability to adjust the angles of the rebound surface sets it apart from other products on the market and allows for a wide variety of uses. Every player should have one! Thanks

Josh Groves
New Mexico Youth Soccer Association – USA
m-station... Practice makes permanent

Darren Spurrier
Spurrier Professional Soccer Training – USA

m-station - when you always want the ball

There is something magical about receiving a pass. When the ball comes to you in a match or in training it belongs to you, and you have only a brief moment to decide what to do with it. Even before you receive it, you wonder what you should do. If it is high pass you might want to bring it down with the chest or make a volley. If you get a flat pass you might want to pass it on to a teammate with a first time pass or flick it past your opponent. It's a fantastic feeling, but when you have completed the pass or finish you know it will take some time before you get the ball again.

Unless you train with a m-station. The m-station returns all your passes. High, flat, hard, soft. You decide. m-station sends it perfectly back to you every time. The world's best rebounder for soccer. It is used by thousands of boys and girls across Europe and also in some of the best soccer clubs in the world. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, Ajax Amsterdam, Benfica and Manchester United have selected m-station because it is the king of rebounders.

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