How does football clubs benefit from using m-station?

Retention of players at all levels

Football clubs are continuously faced with the difficult task of keeping players in the club. The drop-out-rate is too high in many clubs but we know from experience that clubs who offer individual skill practice with m-station have a very high degree of satisfaction among their members and they see a higher retention.

The level of fun and the individual focus and individual development provided by the m-stations corresponds with what kids and youth players experience in their everyday life. And for professional players the m-stations add a playful element to their training that is hugely appreciated.

Ease the life of coaches

Many coaches face the pressure of creating fun and varied training sessions week in and week out and it can be a very demanding task to keep coming up with new drills and games. Providing m-stations for the coaches take off a lot of the pressure and it makes them quite popular with the players while the players develop their skills faster. A true win-win.

More activity at the training ground outside of training hours

In many places kids and young people spend less time playing football outside of the scheduled team practice compared to what kids and young people did 15-20 years ago. The competition from other activities like digital entertainment has caused the participation in small sided games to drop. But all the clubs who have m-stations accessible for their members outside of normal team practice tell the same story: their players spend a lot of time on fun games and competitions with the m-stations. They simply create life at the training ground for many hours every day. Even professional players in some of the best clubs in the world gets motivated to practice on their own.

Holds a world of self practice drills

Most coaches and players agree to the fact that players have to practice on their own if they want to become the best. But many players are faced with a very limited range of tools that can help them practice on their own in a fun and effective way. In clubs who have m-stations at the training ground the players can practice a broad range of technical skills at a high intensity and with great results. Several parents have send us letters over the years saying that their kids self practice with the m-station has been key to their success at getting selected for national teams and getting contracts in professional clubs.

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