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The fastest way to world class soccer skills

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Munin Sports is looking for Academies and coaches to represent m-station in the US. Read more if you want to be a part of our financially awarding program by representing products that are preferred by the worlds best players and clubs and documented to improve the technical level of your players.
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A rebounder is a popular tool among many soccer players and coaches as it provides the opportunity to practice alone and achieve tons of repetition. With the m-station, you are not just getting repetition, you are getting high quality repetition and the ability to practice anything from flat to high passes with the highest possible intensity. This is why the worlds best clubs are using the m-station and why national soccer associations are recommending the m-station.

The revolutionary MuninPlay app transforms your smartphone into your own personal soccer coach. Build your personal profile on your training statistics, challenge your friends, get instant audio feed-back and get inspired by more than 100 video drills included in the app.

Used by: Real Madrid - Chelsea - Man. Utd - Arsenal - Ajax - Benfica - Dortmund

m-station features

High to flat passes
Most rebounders are locked in one angle and are hereby only able to serve on type of of pass. With the m-station you can get anything from flat to high passes. Simply turn the handle on each side of the m-station and fix the position to one of the 12 settings. Lean the m-station backwards to practice high passes or lean it forward to receive a flat pass.
An everlasting rebound
Traditional rebounders uses bungee cords to create a rebound, but bungee cords quickly lose effect when stretched and exposed to UV-rays. The strings of the m-station are specially developed to withstand stretching and UV-rays and the patented string system allows for an easy re-tightening of the string to maintaining the powerful rebound year after year.
High quality passes
Repetition is good, but high quality repetition is fantastic. The patented string system on the m-station secures a 95% rebound rate and thereby returns the ball with almost the same speed as is was kicked. This makes the m-station not only the most powerful rebounder but also the only rebounder to truly replicate any kind of pass from a co-player or coach.
Weather resistant
Its no longer necessary to worry about leaving your rebounder outside. The m-station is developed to withstand any kind of weather from snow and frost to sun and heat. A combination of stainless steel and aluminum makes the m-station corrosion-resistant and the string is UV protected. The m-station, of course, is also backed by a 2 year warranty.
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m-station is the only rebounder in the world that automatically measure soccer players technical skills. The
specially developed app provides the player with instant information on the performance and stats on the drills completed as well as the progression. The app is also a social device. The player can find friends in the app and check out their latest activities in the friends feed. The player can further select the multiplayer option to compete with friends and family at home or challenge them online.

Features: Multiplayer - Video drills - Training drills - Audio Coaching - Challenges - News feed - Profile & stats - Results & Ranking

How the app works

Choose drill
Open MuninPlay on your phone and select the drill you want to train.
Mount the phone
Place your phone in the cradle behind the net on your m-station Talent.
Start playing
Let the fun begin and play alone or with friends.
Satisfied Customers
"I use the m-station in my one-on-one training, and in this training the m-station is a fabulous tool and an important supplement to my goalkeeper training."
Oliver Reck
First Team Goalkeeper Coach – MSV Duisburg
"The m-station is a fantastic tool to help players develop and refine their technical abilities. The ability to adjust the tension of the strings on the rebounder sets it apart from other products on the market and allows for a wide variety of uses. Every player should have one! Thanks"
Josh Groves
New Mexico Youth Soccer Association – USA
"The m-station is a fantastic training aid which I use often during my training session with young and top professional players. It improves touch, control, accuracy and agility. It is repetitive, challenging as well as enjoyable and can be used in a variety of training settings."
Rene Meulensteen
Former First Team Coach – Manchester United
"A top tool"
Andreas Menger
Goalkeeper Coach – VfB Stuttgart
"The most perfect in its category"
Gianluca Angelucci
Youth Coach – AC Milan
"A marvelous piece of equipment"
Carl Laraman
Academy Coach – Arsenal F.C.

Join our team

Munin Sports are looking for Soccer Academies and coaches with a broad network, strong reputation, belief in our products and philosophy, who are willing to represent Munin Sports in the US and promote our products on an attractive provision based agreement. We will spend the necessary time introducing you to the products and provide you with marketing material for you to hand out and send out to players, parents and coaches in your network. As a representative you will get free products for demo purpose and the opportunity to offer discounts and great offers for the players and clubs in your network. 

To get started is easy. Fill out the below form and we will send you an agreement and detailed information on what we offer our Munin Sports Representatives. 

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you want to be a part of our team. 

The m-stations

m-station Talent Original

$495 $445

For the yard.
Dimensions: 57" x 57".
Range: 1-7 yards.
Weight: 48 pounds.
Incl. free MuninPlay App
m-station football rebounder
m-station Academy


For the yard/club/school.
Dimensions: 78" x 78".
Range: 1-15 yards.
Weight: 70 pounds.
Incl. free MuninPlay App

About Munin Sports

Munin Sports was founded 2008 in Denmark. The idea was to create a new generation of soccer training equipment that develops soccer players skills in a fun and more efficient way.

Our products are developed in corporation with engineers, designers and most importantly in close relationsship with players and coaches at all levels. It's no secret that our products are some of the most expensive on the market but high quality has a price and we are second to none when it comes to quality and performance. We always choose the best materials in order to secure durability and high-performance. We want to be the best at what we do and we have managed so far. This is why our products are preferred by some of the worlds best clubs such as Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal and Bayern Munich.

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