How does football players benefit from using m-station?

Greater responsibility for their own development

A lot of youth players are much more concentrated when the pass the ball onto a m-station than when they pass the ball to a teammate. The reason why? The m-station makes them dependent on themselves. If they make a bad pass at the m-station they get a bad pass back. If they make a great pass they get a great pass back. In other words the m-stations makes them more responsible for their own development.

Concentration transfers to matches

We know by experience that the higher concentration level transfers into matches. It simply become part of the players performance to focus harder on every single pass they make – in training and in matches.

Challenging their technique and creative thinking

When training with the m-station players don’t reach a stage where it can’t challenge them anymore. A range of factors can always be adjusted to make each drill more difficult. An adjustment of the angle that sends the ball back in a flatter curve gives the player less time to react and makes it harder to control the ball with the first touch. Taking a few steps back automatically makes the player concentrate even more in order to hit the m-station. Making volleys instead of half volleys is much more demanding. And every time the bar is raised the players are motivated to use their creativity to get a great result.

More active in the training session and much more touches

When the training sessions is divided in smaller groups who each have a m-station the players experience a great flow and a high intensity. The waiting time is minimized and they get a vast number of repetitions in a short period of time. In a 15 minute volley drill they will get the chance to fire off more volleys that they would all year in normal training sessions where the practice of that kind of skill is more a matter of coincidence than structured practice.

Always someone to train with – also outside team practice

Almost every time we visit a training facility with m-stations outside practice hours we see players practicing on their own. Younger players use them for fun games and challenges and older players use the for dedicated practice of their first touch, passing and finishing skills.

Self practice at a whole new level

Many coaches would like their players to practice on their own and many players would like to put in the extra hours at the training ground. But to be honest it is tough to practice anything besides freekicks and feints on your own. Getting a pass is the fundamental prerequisite to practice many of the vital skills in football like receivings, turns, first touches, finishes etc. and if you are on your own without a rebounder these skills are almost impossible to practice. But the m-stations give the training ground a completely new dimension for both goalkeepers and field players who are out there to refine their skills. All of a sudden they can create a lot of games like situations and perform many repetitions in a short period of time and speed up their development while having a lot of fun.

A neutral training partner that never has a bad day

You can expect the same high performance from the m-station day in and day out all year round. The drills may vary but the ball will always be served perfectly to you.

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