How does football coaches benefit from using m-station?

Create joy, well-being and development for players at all age groups and skill levels

No matter how good you are or how old you are there is something magical about receiving a pass. When the ball comes to you in a match or in training it belongs to you, you can decide what you want to do with it. From kids to professional players we see the m-stations create a lot of joy and fun at the training ground and without noticing it the players get a huge amount of repetitions that strengthen their skills.

Easier for the coach to go more in depth with the individual players technical development

Today many coaches have to participate in the drills and pass the ball to the players and often they don’t see how the players carry out the actual drill like a shot on goal because they have to be ready to pass a ball to a new player. When the m-stations provide passes for the players you can stand next to each player and give him or her the advice that will develop their skills.

Make it possible to isolate and train difficult technical elements in a simple way

Football is a team sport and the team is not stronger than the weakest link. Each player’s individual ability to pass the ball to a fellow player and to receive and controlling the ball at the first touch is fundamental to any team success. But often these technical skills are more difficult to learn with teammates all around you. Like in all other technical sports it pays of to train and refine the crucial technical skills in football in a stress free environment where the players can focus 100% on their development. The m-stations create a space for the players where they can isolate themselves for a moment and get the feel for the right movements guided by their coach. A good example is volleys and half volleys. Although its a really fun skill to practice although it is important to be able to finish with a volley or half volley it is not something that is practiced methodically in many clubs. Mainly because it is difficult to set up an effective drill. But with the m-stations players at all ages and levels can practice volleys and half volleys in a fun and very effective way that will prepare the players to take advantage of goal scoring chances in matches.

Include several levels and age groups in the same training session

The m-stations allow the players to practice at their own level. Some might not be able to pass the ball onto the m-stations to get a high pass back so they throw the ball. Others at a higher level can pass the ball with their feet. And everybody gets a training session with high intensity, lots of touches and individual development. For youth coaches it is often difficult to include several age groups in the same training sessions because the differences in height and weight among youth players can very a lot. The m-stations allow the coach to include big and small players and set up drills where each player can practice on her or his own physical and technical terms and everyone will improve.

Make it possible to work with smaller groups of players

Each m-station at the training ground is an assistant coach to you and as all great assistant coaches they can keep the intensity and concentration in the drills. Because the m-stations force the players to focus and make great passes if they want great passes back. This makes it possible to work with smaller groups of players around each m-station and it gives you as a coach the chance to give individual feedback to players at one group without slowing down the intensity in the other groups.

New assistant goalkeeping coach

Giving the goalkeepers enough training in the specific goalkeeping skills like handling techniques, footwork, reflexes etc. can be difficult in a team with one or two coaches. However, when m-stations are included in the training session the goalkeepers can all of a sudden practice all the specific skills in a fun and effective way all by themselves. As a coach you don’t have to worry about making the training interesting enough for keepers. They will have a blast with the m-stations . The m-stations are used by goalkeepers in many youth teams and be the first teams in clubs like Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea and Bayer Leverkusen.

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