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Part 4 | Front Frame Right Bar
Part 4 | Front Frame Right Bar

The frame part B4, T4, C4 or A4, is the right bar of the front frame when you stand in front of the m-station; you can recognise it by the yellow net adjusters on the side. The right bar is mounted to the two horizontal frame bars.

Select front frame right bar
Check which m-station you have before you select the bar needed for your specific m-station model in the drop-down menu below.  

What parts are included in the front frame right bar?

Parts for m-station Basic set: 1xB4 (460 NOK)

Parts for m-station Talent set: 1xT4 (460 NOK)

Parts for m-station Club set: 1xC4 (460 NOK)

Parts for m-station Academy set: 1x A4 (780 NOK)

Pictures of the parts listed above can be found in the parts and tools overview in the assembly manuals for m-station Basic, Talent, Club and Academy.

How to assemble?

The bar is mounted on the two horizontal front bars by using 4 short carriage bolts (B14, T14, C14 or A14).

View the video manual or check chapter 7 (chapter 5 for m-station Basic) in the Assembly Manual.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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