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Part 20 is the adjustment handle set. This part comes as a 2-pack. The handle enables you to place the m-station on different angles so you can practice all the various aspects of the game. 

Choose adjustment handle
If you have the m-station Talent it is important to check this picture before selecting your adjustment handle set.
If your m-station Talent looks like the one in the picture, including the hole with the bolt, choose the Long Adjustment Handle set.
If your m-station Talent does not have the hole, choose the Short Adjustment Handle set.
If you have a m-station Club or Academy, always select the Long Adjustment Handle set.

  •  T20/A20 – Long Adjustment Handle set
  • T20 – Short Adjustment Handle set

What’s included?
The adjustment handle set includes the handle, two plastic washers and a metal washer. The long version also includes a cap nut. 

How to assemble Part 20?
It is important that you place the cap nut, plastic and metal washers exactly like depicted in the assembly manual in chapter 4. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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