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Part 2 | Front Frame Bottom Bar
Part 2 | Front Frame Bottom Bar

Frame part B2, T2, C2 or A2 is the bottom bar of the front frame. The bottom bar is mounted to the two vertical frame bars.

Select front frame bottom bar

Check which m-station you have before you select the bottom bar needed for your specific m-station model in the drop-down menu below.  

What parts are included in the front bottom top bar?

  • Parts for m-station Basic set: 1x B2 (396 NOK)
  • Parts for m-station Talent set: 1x T2 (396 NOK)
  • Parts for m-station Club set: 1x C2 (396 NOK)
  • Parts for m-station Academy set: 1x A2 (620 NOK)

Pictures of the parts listed above can be found in the parts and tools overview in the assembly manuals for m-station Basic, Talent, Club and Academy.

How to assemble?

The bottom bar is mounted on the two vertical front bars by using four short carriage bolts (B14, T14, C14 or A14).

View the video manual or check chapter 7 in the Assembly Manual.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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