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m-station rebounders

Take your training facilities to the next level

“Man kan bruke den på forskjellige høyder. For utespillerne våre kan man gjøre mange øvelser i forhold til mottak og pasninger, man kan også bruke den som rebounder ved skyting, og heading i forsvar og angrep. m-station er et fantastisk treningsutstyr for å forbedre områder som ballkontroll og presise pasninger”

Carl Laraman | Academy Coach


“m-station rebounder er den beste rebounderen som finnes på markedet i dag. Rebound-effekten er perfekt og treningsverktøyets fleksibilitet er utrolig.Jeg bruker m-station regelmessig i min daglige trening med individuelle keepere og til gruppeøvelser.”

David Thiel | Goalkeeping Coach


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5.196 NOK

m-station Club

TrustScore: 9.4/10

Vi har tatt den originale m-station Talent og gitt den et tykkere panser. Med en forsterket aluminium konstruksjon er m-station Club en utgave på 145 x 145cm som er egnet for treningsøkter og individuelt bruk i klubber, skoler og akademier. Den kan enkelt flyttes rundt på treningsfeltet. Ideell for timevis av daglig trening i fotballklubber!

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10.396 NOK

m-station Academy

Robust og allsidig 200 x 200cm rebounder som er laget for ekstrem bruk hele året hos fotballklubber, skoler og akademier. Med 12 innstillinger har Academy en fleksibilitet som gjør at alle spillere kan bruke den. m-station brukes av Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Bayern München, Arsenal og mange mer.

Moms/MVA og importfortollingsgebyr er ikke inkludert i prisen. Les mer.

More than 300 inspirational football drills videos.

M-STATION x Eredivisie Topscorer, Nicolai Jørgensen
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M-STATION x Nicolai Jørgensen
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M-STATION for goalkeepers
KAA Gent | m-station Use Case
Leverkusen | m-station Use Case
Arsenal FC | m-station Use Case

More than 300 inspirational football drills videos.

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M-STATION x Eredivisie Topscorer, Nicolai Jørgensen

Some of our great customers who are already succeeding with m-station.

"For me the m-station is a marvellous piece of equipment. With the different levels of elevation, you can do a lot of individual stuff with regards to control and passes. I think it is a wonderful piece of kit."

Carl Laraman
Academy Coach, Arsenal FC

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“I have seen training tools of this kind before but I think this is the most perfect and thought out in all aspects. It allows you to work with very specific elements. All football clubs will benefit from using m-stations!”

Gianluca Angelucci
Youth Camp Coach, AC Milan

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“I have done a lot of training in my life, but the sessions with the m-station are among the most fun. I just wish that I had had one when I was younger. It’s really fun to use and it can give you so much when you practice on your own. I think it’s fantastic!”

Nicolai Jørgensen
Eredivisie Topscorer, Feyenoord

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"The m-station is just amazing. We use it for goalkeepers, rehabilitation, group sessions and for individual skills development. The players love it and they spend much more time on the training ground since we got the m-stations. It has no weaknesses. Five out of five stars!"

Hans Petersen
UEFA Pro-license Coach, Danish FA

"I am happy with the m-station! I can practice my footwork, make saves, and it allows us to work on the unpredictability of a shot or something else that you do not expect in a game. It is a very useful piece of equipment.”

Matthew Ryan
Goalkeeper, Brighton & Hove Albion

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“The m-station strengthens the development of the young player’s individual skills. It is a versatile tool allowing players to develop individually and as a team, regardless of age or position on the field. From goalkeeper to striker, anything, really."

Joâo Santos
Head of Youth Academy, SL Benfica

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"The m-station rebounder is the best rebounder on the market to date. The rebound effect is perfect and the flexibility of this training tool is astonishing. I’m using the m-station regularly in my everyday training with individual goalkeepers, and also for group exercises.”

David Thiel
Goalkeeping Coach, Bayer Leverkusen

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“The m-station rebounder is almost always part of goalkeeper training. It improves the goalkeeper's ability to estimate the pace of the ball in order to make the best decision as quickly as possible. We use the m-station a lot, and the players benefit greatly from it.”

Flemming Pedersen
Technical Director, FC Nordsjælland

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"I use m-stations at my camps for individual training, but also with small groups of players. You can do a whole sequence, including passing, receiving, and finishing. It’s a very helpful tool and the rebound is the best I have tried."

Madelene Göras
Women’s Coach & UEFA Cup winner

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“The m-station gives the goalkeepers an opportunity to do different sessions in a different way, give them a different view of things, and I like it. I like the way the ball springs back at different angles. I like the way it can be adjusted to go up or the set go down.”

Lee Smelt
Goalkeeper Coach, Arsenal FC

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“By adding a m-station competition to our recovery sessions, such as counting the number of bounces on the m-station without touching the ground emphasizing technique and fun, the players really enjoy these sessions. The m-station is very useful to us!"

Stijn Matthys
Physical Coach, KAA Gent

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”We use the m-station for everything from crosses to passes and finishes with or without a first touch. It is very good for practicing the technical aspects of the game. You can train by yourself while having fun!”

Emiliano Marcondes
Striker, Brentford

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“I would recommend the m-station.Sometimes my son and I use the m-station together, and we’ll try to hit it with a good strike so we can volley the ball towards the goal. It’s very obvious to me that my son is getting better when using the m-station. It’s really top notch.”

Marcus Allbäck
Former International, Sweden

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"With the m-station, we are able to create exercises suited for players at the on top level. Our players have developed immensely during their individual sessions thanks to the m-station an there is no doubt that we will continue to use the device. It is simply that good”

Peter Johanesson
Academy Coach, FC Midtjylland

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"The adjustment of the angle is simply outstanding. You can get the ball back in so many ways. It’s intensive, effective and versatile no matter if you practice to catch crosses or you train reactions and technique. You will never have a boring training session with the m-station!”

Andreas Menger
Goalkeeper Coach, VFB Stuttgart

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“The m-station rebounder is for heading practice, skills practice, shooting practice - anything you can think of - and we’re going to have a great time with this! The first team can’t leave it alone when they come out in the morning. I think we are going to benefit greatly from it.”

Paul Hart
Academy Manager, Charlton

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"The m-station is a fantastic tool to help players develop and refine their technical abilities. The ability to adjust the tension of the strings on the rebounder sets it apart from other products on the market and allows for a wide variety of uses. Every player should have one!"

Josh Groves
Coach, New Mexico Soccer Academy


"As a coach, it is always a challenge to develop the players’ ability to control the ball in the air. With the m-station we now have a unique chance to work on these skills methodically. It is a great training tool."

João Teixeira
Head Coach, Futbol City Valencia

"m-station can be used at all levels, and it enables the coach to develop a lot of new drills. It makes the practice sessions more fun and it makes the players more creative."

Thomas Frank
Assistant Head Coach, Brentford

"I use the m-station in my one-on-one training, and in this training the m-station is a fabulous tool and an important supplement to my goalkeeper training."

Oliver Reck
Goalkeeper Coach, MSV Duisburg

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m-station rebounder

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m-station Talent
Superior rebounder providing everything needed for self-practice in the garden. The versatile 57" x 57" Talent Original edt. features 12 settings allowing you to practice any in-game situation.

5.196 NOK

m-station Club
With a strengthened construction the 57" x 57" Talent Club edt. is suited for training sessions and individual use in clubs and academies. It can be moved around the training ground with ease.
m-station football rebounder

10.396 NOK

m-station Academy
Multipurpose and durable 78" x 78" rebounder made for all year round excessive use at football clubs, schools and academies. With 12 settings Academy’s flexibility allows any player to use it.
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More than 300 inspirational football drills videos.

M-STATION x Eredivisie Topscorer, Nicolai Jørgensen
FC Nordsjælland | 1st team players using m-station
M-STATION for goalkeepers
KAA Gent | Building team spirit while recovering
Bayer Leverkusen | m-station Goalkeeper Training
Arsenal FC | How Arsenal use m-station