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Kasper Schmeichel: How to charge off your line

Conceding too many one-on-ones? Fear not, Leicester City’s Kasper Schmeichel gives us his advice

1. Focus on Positioning

– The first thing to think about is positioning. I’ll always try to get as close to the forward as possible – you want to get right into them then stand your ground.

 That way, you’re pressure him, making him decide what to do next. Don’t sell yourself or try to guess – wait and react.

VIDEO: Goalkeeper Training with rebounders in Bayer Leverkusen

2. Timing is Crucial

– I work on my speed in training so I can get out of nets quickly. Timing is crucial – you can’t come racing out at random without thought. Instead, try to push them wide of the goal to get them at an angle.

VIDEO: Fast feet drill to improve your speed

3. Practice the Star Jump

– I use the star jump to increase my chances of making a block. This isn’t something my dad showed me, although he was famous for it – it’s actually a common tactic in Denmark. Handball coaches often show us how to do this.

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4. Never Give Up

– If he does get past, scramble up and after him, otherwise you can only pray that he misses! The key to being a good keeper is being brave.

 Don’t bottle it. You’re likely to get hit as a keeper, and it’s going to hurt. So stick yourself in the way, don’t flinch, and get ready for the pain. No wonder they say goalkeepers are mad.

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