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Diego Meza, USA

We have 5 years with the m-station and it continues to work very well. It has helped us for training in both the academy with children, as well as with professional teams. It is an excellent product.

Jean Bolduc, USA

Great Rebounder and Customer Service! I received excellent customer service and great communication from Simon at Munin Sports. The m-station was easy to assemble thanks to the videos and manuals that were promptly emailed to me following confirmation of my order. Very impressed with the performance and versatility in training provided by the m-station. Highly recommend this product and Munin Sports.

Cristian Desiderio, USA

The m-station has to be the best on offer with the rebound and adjustability it has along with the great customer service.

Jason Schexnaydre, USA

m-station is hands down the best rebounder I have ever used and I have tried a few. All of my players and fellow coaches are impressed with it. It’s very portable being on wheels. It’s easier to adjust and has many more positions than other rebounders.

Marcia Mayberry, USA

Solid! Well built and very easy to assemble.

‘Amazon Customer’, USA

Five stars! Not joking when is said the real pro thing when comes to this type of soccer helpful tools.

Neil, USA

This rebounder is a game changer in practicing first touch…there are a lot of soccer gimmicks out there with the promise of turning your child into the next Messi…this product, however, is the real deal for personal development.

‘Traveling Mom’, USA

We purchased this for my daughter who is 14 and plays on a high level club team. She loves it! It is very sturdy and allows her to work on her ball skills by herself. She has enjoyed the app which uses her phone to create different workouts.

Mr. Walters, USA

I have purchased many football training aids over the years to help further my son’s development and keep individual technical work fresh and exciting. Of all the training aids I have come across for aspiring footballers the M-Station is by far the most useful in helping a player improve different areas of his/her technical ability.

‘Amazon Customer’, USA

The m-station Talent Original might be more expensive but its worth every penny. I have had a number of other rebounders over the years and they just dont compare. The rebound effect is as close to real passes as you can get. And then you have the free app that track your progress when you play. When you place your phone behind the net the app register every time the ball hit.
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