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How does goalkeepers benefit from using m-station?

We would love to talk to you about how you can benefit from m-station rebounders in your training sessions. Book a call or contact us via email if you have any questions.

How does football clubs benefit from using m-station?

Retention of players at all levels

Football clubs are continuously faced with the difficult task of keeping players in the club. The drop-out-rate is too high in many clubs but we know from experience that clubs who offer individual skill practice with m-station have a very high degree of satisfaction among their members and they see a higher retention.

The level of fun and the individual focus and individual development provided by the m-stations corresponds with what kids and youth players experience in their everyday life. And for professional players the m-stations add a playful element to their training that is hugely appreciated.

Ease the life of coaches

Many coaches face the pressure of creating fun and varied training sessions week in and week out and it can be a very demanding task to keep coming up with new drills and games. Providing m-stations for the coaches take off a lot of the pressure and it makes them quite popular with the players while the players develop their skills faster. A true win-win.

More activity at the training ground outside of training hours

In many places kids and young people spend less time playing football outside of the scheduled team practice compared to what kids and young people did 15-20 years ago. The competition from other activities like digital entertainment has caused the participation in small sided games to drop. But all the clubs who have m-stations accessible for their members outside of normal team practice tell the same story: their players spend a lot of time on fun games and competitions with the m-stations. They simply create life at the training ground for many hours every day. Even professional players in some of the best clubs in the world gets motivated to practice on their own.

Holds a world of self practice drills

Most coaches and players agree to the fact that players have to practice on their own if they want to become the best. But many players are faced with a very limited range of tools that can help them practice on their own in a fun and effective way. In clubs who have m-stations at the training ground the players can practice a broad range of technical skills at a high intensity and with great results. Several parents have send us letters over the years saying that their kids self practice with the m-station has been key to their success at getting selected for national teams and getting contracts in professional clubs.


We would love to talk to you about how you can benefit from m-station rebounders in your training sessions. Book a call or contact us via email if you have any questions.

How does football players benefit from using m-station?

Greater responsibility for their own development

A lot of youth players are much more concentrated when the pass the ball onto a m-station than when they pass the ball to a teammate. The reason why? The m-station makes them dependent on themselves. If they make a bad pass at the m-station they get a bad pass back. If they make a great pass they get a great pass back. In other words the m-stations makes them more responsible for their own development.

Concentration transfers to matches

We know by experience that the higher concentration level transfers into matches. It simply become part of the players performance to focus harder on every single pass they make – in training and in matches.

Challenging their technique and creative thinking

When training with the m-station players don’t reach a stage where it can’t challenge them anymore. A range of factors can always be adjusted to make each drill more difficult. An adjustment of the angle that sends the ball back in a flatter curve gives the player less time to react and makes it harder to control the ball with the first touch. Taking a few steps back automatically makes the player concentrate even more in order to hit the m-station. Making volleys instead of half volleys is much more demanding. And every time the bar is raised the players are motivated to use their creativity to get a great result.

More active in the training session and much more touches

When the training sessions is divided in smaller groups who each have a m-station the players experience a great flow and a high intensity. The waiting time is minimized and they get a vast number of repetitions in a short period of time. In a 15 minute volley drill they will get the chance to fire off more volleys that they would all year in normal training sessions where the practice of that kind of skill is more a matter of coincidence than structured practice.

Always someone to train with – also outside team practice

Almost every time we visit a training facility with m-stations outside practice hours we see players practicing on their own. Younger players use them for fun games and challenges and older players use the for dedicated practice of their first touch, passing and finishing skills.

Self practice at a whole new level

Many coaches would like their players to practice on their own and many players would like to put in the extra hours at the training ground. But to be honest it is tough to practice anything besides freekicks and feints on your own. Getting a pass is the fundamental prerequisite to practice many of the vital skills in football like receivings, turns, first touches, finishes etc. and if you are on your own without a rebounder these skills are almost impossible to practice. But the m-stations give the training ground a completely new dimension for both goalkeepers and field players who are out there to refine their skills. All of a sudden they can create a lot of games like situations and perform many repetitions in a short period of time and speed up their development while having a lot of fun.

A neutral training partner that never has a bad day

You can expect the same high performance from the m-station day in and day out all year round. The drills may vary but the ball will always be served perfectly to you.


We would love to talk to you about how you can benefit from m-station rebounders in your training sessions. Book a call or contact us via email if you have any questions.

How does football coaches benefit from using m-station?

Create joy, well-being and development for players at all age groups and skill levels

No matter how good you are or how old you are there is something magical about receiving a pass. When the ball comes to you in a match or in training it belongs to you, you can decide what you want to do with it. From kids to professional players we see the m-stations create a lot of joy and fun at the training ground and without noticing it the players get a huge amount of repetitions that strengthen their skills.

Easier for the coach to go more in depth with the individual players technical development

Today many coaches have to participate in the drills and pass the ball to the players and often they don’t see how the players carry out the actual drill like a shot on goal because they have to be ready to pass a ball to a new player. When the m-stations provide passes for the players you can stand next to each player and give him or her the advice that will develop their skills.

Make it possible to isolate and train difficult technical elements in a simple way

Football is a team sport and the team is not stronger than the weakest link. Each player’s individual ability to pass the ball to a fellow player and to receive and controlling the ball at the first touch is fundamental to any team success. But often these technical skills are more difficult to learn with teammates all around you. Like in all other technical sports it pays of to train and refine the crucial technical skills in football in a stress free environment where the players can focus 100% on their development. The m-stations create a space for the players where they can isolate themselves for a moment and get the feel for the right movements guided by their coach. A good example is volleys and half volleys. Although its a really fun skill to practice although it is important to be able to finish with a volley or half volley it is not something that is practiced methodically in many clubs. Mainly because it is difficult to set up an effective drill. But with the m-stations players at all ages and levels can practice volleys and half volleys in a fun and very effective way that will prepare the players to take advantage of goal scoring chances in matches.

Include several levels and age groups in the same training session

The m-stations allow the players to practice at their own level. Some might not be able to pass the ball onto the m-stations to get a high pass back so they throw the ball. Others at a higher level can pass the ball with their feet. And everybody gets a training session with high intensity, lots of touches and individual development. For youth coaches it is often difficult to include several age groups in the same training sessions because the differences in height and weight among youth players can very a lot. The m-stations allow the coach to include big and small players and set up drills where each player can practice on her or his own physical and technical terms and everyone will improve.

Make it possible to work with smaller groups of players

Each m-station at the training ground is an assistant coach to you and as all great assistant coaches they can keep the intensity and concentration in the drills. Because the m-stations force the players to focus and make great passes if they want great passes back. This makes it possible to work with smaller groups of players around each m-station and it gives you as a coach the chance to give individual feedback to players at one group without slowing down the intensity in the other groups.

New assistant goalkeeping coach

Giving the goalkeepers enough training in the specific goalkeeping skills like handling techniques, footwork, reflexes etc. can be difficult in a team with one or two coaches. However, when m-stations are included in the training session the goalkeepers can all of a sudden practice all the specific skills in a fun and effective way all by themselves. As a coach you don’t have to worry about making the training interesting enough for keepers. They will have a blast with the m-stations . The m-stations are used by goalkeepers in many youth teams and be the first teams in clubs like Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea and Bayer Leverkusen.


We would love to talk to you about how you can benefit from m-station rebounders in your training sessions. Book a call or contact us via email if you have any questions.


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7 Reasons To Buy From Munin Sports


We don’t just sell the m-station; we have manufactured and developed it ourselves. We know the product inside out, and can help you with every little detail.



We don’t want to make things that break. Because of this, we have constructed the m-station with superior materials that ensure the longevity of the product. Additionally, the m-station comes with a 3-year warranty.



From our free app to the high-tech strings and the drill videos that are filmed with drones -We love combining technology and football. We are passionate about creating an innovative and intuitive football product that benefits you.



The m-station is rated number one time and time again in expert tests. It has also received vast amounts of 5-star reviews from our clients.



We supply clubs like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern München, Juventus and many other Champions League teams. Serving the best in the world  is an achievement we are very proud of.



When we launched the first m-station there weren´t a lot of other rebounders on the market. Since then, we have seen quite a few new rebounders enter the fray, yet the m-station is still used as the generic word for a rebounder – just like Xerox and Velcro.



We have done everything in our power to provide you with the best rebounder in the world. When you buy from us we are ready with video tutorials and advice on assembling, finding the right drills, how to get spare parts and a lot more.

5 drills for the striker

For a striker it’s vital to be able to score goals, outrun opposition players and confuse defenders with amazing dribbling skills. The Munin m-station helps you with improving your skills through various football drills that you can do on your own in your garden or at the local football pitch. In this article we’ll describe a few well-chosen drills that will improve some of those skills that are important for the modern day striker.

Drill no. 1: Fast Feet
Fast feet are fundamental for the modern day striker. Look at strikers as Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Alexis Sanchez. All these players use pace and speed as key attributes when challenging defenders. With this drill, you can improve your explosiveness, which gives you an advantage against the defender in the next game. This drill can be combined with other speed-drills shortly after the warm-up.


Drill no. 2: Pass & Move Instep Finish
As a striker it’s truly important that you’re able to score goals with first time-finishes. With the Munin m-station you can practice just that. No teammates are required– just the m-station and a goal. The m-station acts as your teammate from whom you receive the ball before scoring a brilliant goal with the instep finish.


Drill no. 3: Finish With Header
Regardless of whether you’re short or tall, you’ll have quite a few finishes with the head during a season. Thus, a player like Harry Kane scored 4 out of his 19 season goals with the head during the 2014/2015 season, while 14 out of Christian Benteke’s 49 career goals for Aston Villa have been scored with headers. But even shorter players as Wayne Rooney (176 cm) and Gabriel Agbonlahor (180 cm) are on the top 10 list of most headed goals by active players in the Premier League. Therefore, it’s important that any striker practices this drill making you a better header. Use the m-station and try different variations of heading the ball.


Drill no. 4: Cruyff Turn
Johan Cruyff is one of the best footballers this world has ever seen. The dribbling Dutchman was known for his deadly finishes, his quick-thinking and his innovative dribbles. Now, you can practice the moves of the former Barcelona-forward with the m-station. The drill will teach you and improve your Cruyff Turn making you able to change the direction of the play and confusing defenders with rapid turns.


Drill no. 5: Two-footed Control
When having the ball in tights areas in the box, it’s absolute key that you’reable to control the ball with both feet in awkward situations. This drill will help you improve your ball control with both feet giving you the ability to pass the ball to an open team mate.

Welcome to Munin Academy

Munin Academy is your new football coach. If you want to become a better player – we want to help you.

Do you want to pass the ball like Iniesta, strike it like Aguero, position yourself like Modric, cut it like Robben, head it like Ronaldo, chip it like Messi?

All you have to do is contact us on Facebook, Instagram or e-mail and tell us what specific skill you would like to improve at. Then we will send you a video where we show you what you should do to reach your goal.

Do you want direct feedback on your skills? Then just send us a video and our coaches will tell you how you can become even better.

Munin Academy is dedicated to help football players learn new skills or fine-tune existing skills. Munin Academy is not just for high level players but primarily for any footballers who just wants to make a better dribble, learn a new move or simply be more confident on the pitch.

Our coaches has been working with players like Daniel Agger and Steven Gerrard and now you can learn from their experience.

Overhead Kick – Left Foot (Finishing Drill #29)

Overhead Kick – Right Foot (Finishing Drill #28)

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